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Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey everyone!

Now, I know the holidays are over, and that big push to finish your books is done. But, I don't want you to pack away all of your photos and memories until next year! Now is the time to start working on preserving those memories that mean so much.

For instance, my grandmother died about a month ago. I was at her house recently - helping to clean and pack it up - and I found a bag FULL of tons of beautiful cards. My grandmother loved cards. These cards were really special. They were cards that my grandparents had sent to each other! 3/4 of them were signed "Love," or "Love always," - but the rest had little love notes inside. I decided to make a small book for Valentine's Day for my parents, full of all the love notes that my grandparents wrote to each other. I thought it would be a wonderful remembrance for them, plus a gentle reminder of how we should treat each other. I spent a wonderful afternoon, looking through all of those cards. There were hundreds. As I immersed myself in these cards, the memories of my grandparents came flooding back. I could actually hear them saying the words to each other. Those love notes really touched my heart.

So, I went through my pictures and found my favorite pics of them together. Then, I opened a new project - a 5x7 book - and proceeded to fill each page with quotes from the love notes I found in the cards. I threw a picture in here and there. And a couple hours later - it was done! I'm so excited about this little book. I can't wait to see my dad's face when he opens this up. I bet each of his siblings will want a copy, too! Here is the cover and a few pages from the book I'm making for you to look at...

The front cover is on the right and the back cover is on the left. I found, as I went through the cards, that many were signed with the nicknames Slim and Georgie, so that's what I named it! (My grandparents' names were Douglas and Georgina).

I started the book with their wedding picture. I was able to write at least 5 love notes on each page of the book.

I found many very funny love notes, so I paired them with funny pictures of my grandparents.

On the last page of the book, I scanned (at 600 dpi) two of the signatures from the cards - one of my grandfather's and one of my grandmother's - and made them into JPGs. Then, I uploaded them as pictures, and put them here. That way, we can remember their handwriting. I also started the book with a little note from me, telling my family that I hope they enjoy this book, and that I want this to be a reminder to us of their love.

Why not work on your own love story for Valentine's Day? It doesn't have to be a huge project. Just pick a few of your favorite pictures, and jot down a few special memories, and you've got a beautiful book! Do one for your spouse, or one about your parents' love story. Or you can even do a special little book for each of your children, full of your favorite stories and pictures of them. You can put a small book together in one afternoon. It takes about 3 weeks to get your book back once you submit it. So, there is still time to make someone's Valentine's Day special.

Call me if you have any questions, or need help. You know I LOVE to make books!

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