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Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Vacation Memories

Here's a fun idea for recording those family memories on vacation...

Have a photography contest with the members of your family! My family just got back from a great vacation in San Francisco. Each day of the vacation, we took tons of pictures. At the end of the day, we had to each pick our 5 favorite photos. We then uploaded all 25 photos to Facebook and had people vote on them. It took a few days to catch on, but then we had people coming back each day to see what cool, new things we took pictures of. After we got back, we took the top 5 photos from each day (our friends' choices), and posted them all together as the Championship photos. We then asked everyone to vote on their top 5. As I type this, we are in a 3 way tie! I wonder who the winner of the family photography contest will be?!

If you don't have a Facebook account, you can upload them to Flicker, or Photobucket. And then email all of your friends and family and have them go view and vote on the pictures. This was a fun thing to do as a family. Not only did we have some healthy competition going on, but we now have some really amazing photos for our family vacation book. I'll start working on that soon.

Just a word of caution - don't get so caught up in getting the perfect photo of some"thing", that you forget to take pictures of the people in your family enjoying the vacation.

A few pointers for your vacation book...

1. Using a Vacation Dailies pack of journaling pages from Cherish Bound is the perfect, most easy way to help record your vacation memories. It will take you from the planning, through your vacation, and to the trip home.

2. Make sure to ask everyone to contribute to the book of memories - maybe ask what their top 5 favorite things were. Then, using one page of the book - list all of those. I did this on the last vacation book I made, and I added a picture of each person's TOP FAVORITE THING about the vacation.

3. Get your book done ASAP - don't put it off. Start and finish it the week after your vacation. If you don't, you'll start to forget all of the fun you had.

4. Instead of buying souveniers, save your money, and use it to make a beautiful hardbound vacation book - your kids will love it forever!

Have a great summer vacation - and, let me know if you do the photo contest. I'd love to hear how yours went.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog Feature, and Give-Away

Today, this blog is being featured on April Shower's website (she is the designer who did my Incredible Women blog!). I'm doing a SWEET give-away for my feature over there.

Here's what you'll get if you win:

$57 Value Storybook Kit

"When I Was Little" Story Starter
"Looking Back" Mini Story Starter
"Recipe" Mini Story Starter
All in a Sassy Binder!

Along with this story kit, you'll get a free lifetime customer account, plus a $29 coupon for publishing!!

With this package, you'd be able to do a beautiful book about your childhood, OR even help your parents do a book about theirs! Don't miss a chance to win this fun give-away. Head over to April's blog and do what she says!

And just to get you in the mood for creating your new book, here's a sneak preview - a couple of questions from the "Looking Back" Mini-Story Starter:

"What was your first time away from your home or family?"
"What was the first time you were scared - and what were you scared of?"

CHALLENGE: Try this...

1. Using one of the questions above, for three minutes, brainstorm. Write down everything that comes to mind - names, dates, places, etc. Everything you can think of about the question.

2. For the next 3 minutes, using the stuff you wrote down, flesh out those ideas - make those ideas and words into complete sentences, and then a full paragraph.

Believe me, ANYONE can write for just 3 minutes. Here's mine:

"What was the first time you were scared?"

Brainstorming: me, my friend (probably Alicia), my little sis, Kristin, parents playing cards, movie, Jack Nicholson, bat, ax, hotel, "Red Rum", running up the stairs, Rick teasing me, scariest movie ever!

My Story:

"Well, I don't remember if this was the first time, but it left a huge impression on my memory. I remember quite clearly watching a movie with one of my friends, and my little sister, Kris. My parents used to invite their friends over to play cards. On one of those occasions, the adults were playing upstairs and we were downstairs, watching Jack Nicholson, in "The Shining" - a movie based on a Stephen King novel. We were lying on the floor, cuddled underneath a giant blanket, and every few minutes we would SCREAM our heads off. You know the part in the movie, where Jack is advancing up the stairs toward his wife, who has a bat in her hands? Very calmly, he says, "Give me the bat", as he's stalking her. The screams that came out of our mouths would have made the dead wake up. And the part where he is hacking through the wooden door with an ax, trying to get to his wife, who has locked herself in the bathroom?! Pure terror! I've remembered that all my life. There is nothing that freaks me out more than when my husband teasingly looks at me and says, "Give me the bat, Kara." (!) I'm always thinking about that scene when I'm running up the stairs, too, and I always trip. Looking back, I can't believe that my parents let us watch that movie! They must not have known what is was like."

See? That's not hard AT ALL. It's actually quite fun. Try it! And then, comment on this post, and let me know how it went. (By-the-way, this is what we do in a Story Workshop - we just take questions, one by one, and write about them. It's really fun. If you want to schedule a workshop - either at your home OR as an online party, let me know.)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Genealogy - Make Your Family Tree

Yesterday, my mom came over and we spent some time searching for some ancestors on one of the genealogy sites. I can't believe some of the stories we found about ancestors from the 1600s and the 1700s. Have you ever done this - researched your family? Try it - you'll be amazed at what you'll find. It won't be easy - the answers don't often just fall into your lap - you'll have to be a Sherlock Holmes and solve some mysteries, but it is worth it.

I can't wait to find more stories, and then put them all into a book for my family!

Here's your challenge: Write down your family tree - 4 generations back. And then, using those names, do some research and try to find out something you didn't already know.

Here are some of the great online tools you can use:

Let me know how it goes!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Story Starter Question... Discovering Me (Teen)

The new "Discovering Me" Story Starter is for the teens in your life. It's part of the "School Collection" of Story Starters from Cherish Bound. There are 4 sections in this story starter: Discovering Me, Where I Come From, Who I Am, and Where I Am Going. This story starter has 42 "fill-in-the-blank" statements. Here are two of them...

1. I want the world to see me...

2. I just wish I had more...

A few suggestions on how to use this story starter:
a. Have a "family night", and use these statements to get to know each other better.
b. Give your teen a journal, and use this story starter to give them ideas to write about.
c. Use a statement from the Story Starter to help your teens become better writers.

If you'd like to purchase a Discovering Me Story Starter, or any of Cherish Bound's 50+ Story Starters, you can contact me at (801)360-4666 OR kara(at)cherishbound(dot)com.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Digitizing Memories

The following is a post that appeared on my personal blog today. I thought it would help my customers out, so here you go...

I thought I'd post a few guidelines for scanning pictures here. If you are as old as me (*wink*), A LOT of your photographs are not digital. It's really a good idea to get them scanned and digitized.

Most scanners should allow you to set the dpi guidelines. For normal sized pictures (4x6 and bigger), you should set the dpi to 300. For smaller pictures (3x5s, wallet sizes, etc.) set the dpi to 600. This will take MUCH longer than the pictures being scanned at 300 (which explains why it took me ALL DAY to scan pictures), but it's totally worth it, because you'll be able to enlarge these pictures with no problem.

At the VERY LEAST, please please please fix the red eye in your pictures. Nothing annoys me more then seeing pictures where everyone looks possessed! This should be a simple fix using Photoshop, Picassa, or any photo editor you have.

Before scanning your photos, ORGANIZE them. It's doesn't take that long and it's really worth the time and effort. I usually just take a handful of photos and split them up into different piles. (some suggestions: one pile for each person in your family, trip photos, holiday photos, pet photos, etc.). Get some of those cool photo organizer boxes (they look like shoe boxes), and using the dividers and labels, place your "piles" of photos in the boxes. Then, very methodically, take each pile - scan it - put the pile back - and then move to the next pile.

It's tempting to just scan, scan, scan until you're through with all of the scanning, but I think that it's easier to organize your photos on your computer as you go. I just make a different file on my desktop for each "group/pile" of pictures and as I scan them, I throw them immediately into Photoshop, fix them, and then save them to the appropriate file. SUPER EASY. After scanning, say, all of the photos of my family members into their own separate files, I'll make a new file entitled Our Family Photos (or something like that), and drag all of the individual files into that one master file. Then, I drag that file into my Photo directory.

As I take pictures now with my digital camera, I just upload them to my laptop and put them into the appropriate file.

It really isn't that hard to take that HUGE box full of photos and digitize and organize. Think about how pleased your extended family will be when you present them with a CD full of family photos! I've been working on my family photos (ancestors) for awhile now, and in the very near future, I'll have almost ALL of the existing photos digitized and put onto CDs to distribute to all of my Aunt/Uncles/Cousins/etc. Someone has got to do it - and if it's this easy, maybe that someone should be you! In just a few weeks time, you'll have all of your photos in digital form, and ready to make into a book! Good luck.

If you decide that you just don't have the time to do this yourself, this is something that you can hire me to do. I charge 50 cents per scan - that price includes cropping to the desired size, color fixes, red-eye reduction, and minor photo repair. Plus, I'll put all of your photos onto a CD for free! You can order additional CDs for $5.00 each. You can contact me at kara(at)cherishbound(dot)com.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Other People's Books

I don't know if any of you know this, but if you don't have the time to do your books, I'll do them for you! In fact, I'm actually working on a book right now for a client. His dad is turning 80, and this book is a celebration of his life. I'm having a great time. I'm about 1/2 done, and have about a week until the deadline.

It is entirely possible to do a life story in 2 weeks, or less.

If you'd like to work on yours, or your parents life stories, contact me and I'll help you get going. There is nothing better than giving a gift like this!

kara(at)cherishbound(dot)com. 801-360-4666

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Interview for Startup Princess

I was interviewed over at Startup Princess about my Cherish Bound business. Here's the URL if you are interested in reading the interview...


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

$5 Buck Friday!!!!

Every once in a while Cherish Bound offers this incredible deal - $5 Buck Friday. This is a HARDBINDING special - you can get hardbinding on any book ordered (new order or re-order) for $5 instead of $17. This is a $12 dollar savings. This weekend (starting Friday, the 26th of February) Cherish Bound has generously offered to extend the $5 Buck Friday through the whole weekend.

So, if you'd like to finish a book you are working on, OR order another copy of a book you previously did, OR even make a brand new book (it CAN be done in such a short time), GO FOR IT!

This only happens 2 or 3 times per year, so now is the time to take advantage of this great deal. If you have any questions, please contact me at 801-360-4666 OR kara(at)cherishbound(dot)com.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Cherish Bound is running a Consultant Sign-up special right now, and it runs through the 20th of February...

When you sign up to be a consultant by Feb. 20th, with ANY Starter kit, you get your Cherish Bound email account for FREE! That's a $25 savings! And, if you purchase our $99 Starter Kit or higher, you'll get your email account free PLUS receive our Office on the Go Bonus Pack! Your kit will come packaged in a great tote bag and you’ll get added business tools like pens, pencils, extra event reminders, etc. Start this year off right with one of our fantastic Starter kits and set yourself up to earn the extra income you need in 2010!

If you are thinking about becoming a Cherish Bound Consultant, now would be a great time to do it, don't you agree?!

Contact me at kara(at)cherishbound(dot)com to find out how - or just go to www.cherishbound.com and sign up. If you want to be part of my team, be sure to sign up under my consultant number: 677.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Consultant Sign-up Special

If you are interested in joining the Cherish Bound team, and helping others tell their stories, now is the time to join! There is a "Storytellers" special - $25 - which signs you up to be a consultant, and give you some fun product. This is a great deal. Becoming a consultant gives you a 20% discount on all products and all of your publishing. You earn commissions on products you sell and your customers who publish. There are NO minimums to stay a consultant, either. SUPER good deal.

Contact me at: kara(at)cherishbound(dot)com, and let me help you get started. I'd love to add you to my team.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey everyone!

Now, I know the holidays are over, and that big push to finish your books is done. But, I don't want you to pack away all of your photos and memories until next year! Now is the time to start working on preserving those memories that mean so much.

For instance, my grandmother died about a month ago. I was at her house recently - helping to clean and pack it up - and I found a bag FULL of tons of beautiful cards. My grandmother loved cards. These cards were really special. They were cards that my grandparents had sent to each other! 3/4 of them were signed "Love," or "Love always," - but the rest had little love notes inside. I decided to make a small book for Valentine's Day for my parents, full of all the love notes that my grandparents wrote to each other. I thought it would be a wonderful remembrance for them, plus a gentle reminder of how we should treat each other. I spent a wonderful afternoon, looking through all of those cards. There were hundreds. As I immersed myself in these cards, the memories of my grandparents came flooding back. I could actually hear them saying the words to each other. Those love notes really touched my heart.

So, I went through my pictures and found my favorite pics of them together. Then, I opened a new project - a 5x7 book - and proceeded to fill each page with quotes from the love notes I found in the cards. I threw a picture in here and there. And a couple hours later - it was done! I'm so excited about this little book. I can't wait to see my dad's face when he opens this up. I bet each of his siblings will want a copy, too! Here is the cover and a few pages from the book I'm making for you to look at...

The front cover is on the right and the back cover is on the left. I found, as I went through the cards, that many were signed with the nicknames Slim and Georgie, so that's what I named it! (My grandparents' names were Douglas and Georgina).

I started the book with their wedding picture. I was able to write at least 5 love notes on each page of the book.

I found many very funny love notes, so I paired them with funny pictures of my grandparents.

On the last page of the book, I scanned (at 600 dpi) two of the signatures from the cards - one of my grandfather's and one of my grandmother's - and made them into JPGs. Then, I uploaded them as pictures, and put them here. That way, we can remember their handwriting. I also started the book with a little note from me, telling my family that I hope they enjoy this book, and that I want this to be a reminder to us of their love.

Why not work on your own love story for Valentine's Day? It doesn't have to be a huge project. Just pick a few of your favorite pictures, and jot down a few special memories, and you've got a beautiful book! Do one for your spouse, or one about your parents' love story. Or you can even do a special little book for each of your children, full of your favorite stories and pictures of them. You can put a small book together in one afternoon. It takes about 3 weeks to get your book back once you submit it. So, there is still time to make someone's Valentine's Day special.

Call me if you have any questions, or need help. You know I LOVE to make books!